Wildlife on our Doorstep and inside

“There are no animals in Botswana” Sue

Ticks: We have plenty – every evening they start their migration onto our veranda and we attack them with fire. Cleaning the floors with Jeyes fluid has also helped considerably. The termination of these guys is Sue’s biggest mission at the moment, she sits and keeps permanent attention floor-wards and soon as she spots one, she pounces.

Flies and Mosquitoes: Flies during the day and mossies at night. The evenings and early mornings are great as you don’t have these bugging you. They are all round my computer during the day, chasing each other, mating and general just being a pain.

Cats: Well Emily does still not like them and any cats venturing into our garden are made well aware of the fact.

Birds: The birdlife in our garden is abundant and as soon as we start putting out feeders I am sure it will increase even more. Diedricks Cuckoo calls most of the day and masked weavers are building a nest. Their first attempt is totally dry, probably built before the rains, but the one being built now is a fresh green.

We are looking forward to getting our binoculars and birdbook to identify the numerous different birds that we have.

The birdlife in the nature reserve is amazing with Kori Bustard, black korhaan, plenty Jacobson’s Cuckoo and much more.

And of course we have chickens running round our garden.

Animals: The nearby nature reserve is just that, but a great diversity of general game and reasonably easy to see – makes for a nice day out

The rest of the time its just goats and cows.


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