Dinner has arrived

Setting my camera up for another spectacular sunset, I noticed that a top piece of our Mopane Tree didn’t have any leaves. On the ground below this area were the droppings of a creature, giving away its presence and signifying the beginning of a time of the year that Africa waits for. Food has arrived.

Every year at this time the Mopane Tree comes to life with hundreds of caterpillars, better known as the MOPANE WORM.

These are eaten by many by either just picking them off the bush and throwing them in the mouth, or squashing out their insides and the placing them on a stick into a fire or frying them.

I somehow guess not to many are going to come through our door and on to our plates, so we will just do our community duty and let our neighbors come and harvest them.

In their gratitude I just hope they don’t invite us for dinner.


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2 Responses to Dinner has arrived

  1. Ogies says:

    Hallo my boetie en sussie. It sound so awesome, in Botswana. Very interesting. I just want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. I know you will have an awesome day. Much of love Ogies and Paula. Miss you guys.

    • petemorrie says:

      Hi Ogies & Paula

      It has been a Christmas with a difference but read more soon. Just waiting for Sue’s mom and Tristan who are en-route from Jhb. hope you are having a great day.

      Pete & Sue

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