A Christmas With A Difference

We realised right from the start that this Christmas was going to be different, and very different from what we are used to experiencing.

Apart from a couple of blow-up Father Christmas’ around town there was not really a Christmas atmosphere at all here in Letlhakane. No Christmas carols and at about 45C Santa would have frazzled in his big red suit, but I did leave out a Castle and some biltong for him just in case.

Our furniture still hasn’t arrived from SA and probably won’t until early January. So our Christmas tree and all its decorations are also sitting in Midrand. We did however find some Christmas lights which we put-up. But at P10 (about R10) they lasted about that long.

We decided to give the 3 young kids next door a pressie each and got sweets, yoghurts, juices and a small toy each for them. I think the word got around Letlhakane that the white men (and women) are providing Christmas, so when it came to giving the presents there weren’t just 3 kids, more like 20 odd. Things just don’t work out the way you think they will here.

Sue’s mom, Heather and her son Tristan after exploring Letlhakane, being totally lost, eventually found us late afternoon and it was great having family on Christmas. They are with us until about the 3rd January.


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One Response to A Christmas With A Difference

  1. Ogies says:

    Awesome wish we could be there. Miss you guys so much.

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