Meat Lovers Paradise

If you enjoy your meat as much as I do, then this is total paradise as the meat here in Bots is of exceptional quality, so juicy and “melt in your mouth” tender.

What makes it even better is that it’s so cheap – if you know where to shop. Locals only buy meat with bone in it, so they can make their stews, so things like fillet and rumps are cuts that the butchers can’t get rid of.

A fillet that would cost you over R200 in South Africa, we are getting at P60 which is roughly R65. This feeds us for about 4 meals (and that’s not being shy) – break that down, and we each get a large chunk of meat for dinner at about R8.

I mentioned that you need to know where to shop, as these prices aren’t found at Spar or other grocery stores. You also can’t be squeamish as you might just come out of the butchery a vegetarian.

You walk into our butchery, called Raffles, with blinkers and go straight to the counter and deal with the butcher directly – he goes to the back (which you can’t see – maybe a good thing) and sorts you out. Whilst waiting its best not to look around the store at whats on offer.



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