We Have Survived A Month

It has been just over a month already since we left South Africa and we have survived.

Emily (our dog) is the only one that is not doing well as she battles terribly with the heat. To the extent that she sleeps all day, doesn’t eat much and is totally out of it. Not eating has made her very weak as well and she is battling now even to walk.

Sue has taken her to her offices where there is aircon which hopefully will help, if not we will have to call on a vet.

Pete’s tourism visa has been extended an extra month, so he is legally in the country until early Feb. Sue’s work permit and residency waivers are all in order so she is fine for the next few months.

Great news is that our furniture is in Botswana and hopefully will be delivered tomorrow. This camping is getting a bit too much – especially when our blow-up mattress had several leaks.

So tomorrow is going to be like Christmas for us. We are not going to know what to play with first – binoculars, bird book, spade, etc. Strangely TV is one thing we haven’t missed and apart from what we hear in Letlhakane  – we haven’t a clue about what’s going on in the rest of the world – “is there life outside Letlhakane, have they destroyed the world finally, everybody tries hard enough?”

The sunsets continue being beautiful and the temperatures relentlessly hot. Evenings are stunning and the night sky amazing.

We have placed a small bowl outside with some water and we throw out bird seed and bread crumbs, which has attracted a growing number of birds. Frequenting our supplies are numerous sparrows (3 different species – we think), scaly feathered finches, masked weavers, Namaque doves, laughing doves and of course most of the chickens of Letlhakane.

Hears to an exciting next month – with new challenges to conquer.


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One Response to We Have Survived A Month

  1. Bridgette Flint says:

    Why don’t you shave Emily’s hair off? 🙂

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