Now that’s a fly

There are plenty of flies here, but look at this guy. A beautiful bluey green and he measures about 2.5 cm.

We are getting to contain the flies around the house with fly-traps, which are such disgusting things but they work. We have placed them about 10m away from our house as they stink really badly. The one has about 2000 flies in it and they obviously have laid eggs as maggots are now crawling up it trying to escape.

Anybody for fly soup?


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One Response to Now that’s a fly

  1. Rina says:

    The pretty fly is actually a wasp. The cuckoo Wasp. They are naughty little buggers who lay their eggs in nests of bees and other wasps then the larva then parasites the host larva or steals its food. Nevertheless, they are beautiful. If only that.

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