Here we go again

What would a garden be for us if we didn’t have a pond?

It is all planned and the rope is out marking out the area to be dug out. It will definitely not be anywhere close to the size of the one in Johannesburg, but it’s not going to be perfect either. Of course a waterfall is planned as well.

Fish and particular Koi aren’t going to feature either: 1 we can’t get them here in the middle of a desert, 2 even if we do find them else where how will we get them here alive and 3 the water will probably be so hot they will boil.




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4 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Aaron says:

    We are experiencing the exact opposite climate from what you’re experiencing right now. Let’s go somewhere in between. How about Italy?

  2. Darryl says:

    Great, so we gonna have a Jacuzzi when we come and visit….. I bet you wish you had just some of our rain……

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