Football Fever Hits Bots

Memories of scenes during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa were relived yesterday, but they were mild in comparison to what we witnessed here in Letlhakane.

It was the first time Botswana had advanced into the second round of the African Cup of Nations and the delight was being expressed by all. Flags, shirts, mirror coverings and cars were painted, even the vuvuzela making that horrendous noise seemed in place.

Streams of vehicles hooting consistently, filled with excited, appropriately dressed fans headed to popular bars to watch the game, one would have thought they had won the World Cup, not just heading to get a viewing position before kick-off.

The Botswana Zebras were taking on Ghana, one of Africa’s better teams. We haven’t got our TV connected yet so we couldn’t watch, but we sat on our verandah and listened to the quietness – not a car drove past.

Letlhakane was quiet, then the whole town roared and cheered, then quiet again. This continued for 90 minutes.

The loudness and delight of the cheers made us think that Botswana had scored at least 6 goals and were very disappointed to hear that they had actually lost the game 1 -0.

This didn’t upset the fans too much as the cars hooted and vuvuzelas screamed out as the 100’s of vehicles headed home. Our football authority, Samuel our gardener, said they had played well and looked a much improved team.

We got in the spirit of things

Emily a Botswana Fan


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3 Responses to Football Fever Hits Bots

  1. Tristan says:

    And what happend to Italy

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