Another hard day in Africa

After a busy week of getting things done inside and in the garden we decided to take Sunday off and join Sue’s colleagues for a day in the game reserve.

The excavations for our pond are now complete, thanks to the hard work of our gardener Samuel. We are now ready to concrete the whole thing and yesterday a builder was employed. Building will probably commence on Monday as the water proofing ingredient is being sourced from South Africa.

The veggie garden, “the graveyard” now  has a fence around it, in a quest to keep the chickens out – seeds went in late last week so we still have to be patient in getting fresh veggies.

We have started a test section of lawn and even with extreme temperatures the grass is still green and looks like it will survive.

Saturday was spent indoors doing all those wonderful things like arranging furniture, connecting the TV, putting up pictures, toilet roll holders, towel rails, pictures, etc. What fun, but we do have a home now.

The day in the game reserve was relaxing as you can see, lots of babies around and we did add a few birds to our Botswana bird list (see The challenge was to find the large Baobab tree that we had been told about and this was third time lucky in searching for it. An amazing species standing at about 40 meters and a girth of about 10m.

After driving around the whole day we were a bit surprised that we had not seen anybody else the whole day, we realized why when we got back to the gate to find it locked and a sign on it “Park Closed”, which we had missed on our arrival and we had just been fortunate somebody had left the gate unlocked for a short time. So we were locked inside – which didn’t stress Pete out too much. A security vehicle did arrive and were surprised that we had got in anyway after much conversation they let us out.


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2 Responses to Another hard day in Africa

  1. Ogies says:

    Make me think of the time we were at the Pilanesberg lol. Please send me you tel number. I’m missing my boetie and sussie. Love xxx

  2. PeteMorrie says:

    Must come and visit
    Pete 00267 748 395 28
    Sue 00267 745 088 26
    Pete & Sue

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