Rhino Released by the President

Not even officially living in Botswana we managed to get invited to the event of the year up here. Somehow we keep managing to pull off things like this. For Peter this was just down his alley; rhino and the president.

With a contact in the president’s office we were so lucky to get an invite to the release of 4 white rhino into Orapa Game Reserve by the President of Botswana.

We managed to get Cailin, who was still up here, an invite as well, so the 3 of us went along to the game reserve for the big event. Peter even wore long pants and closed shoes – a sight rarely seen up here and only the second time since the 30th November.

A large marque was set up near the rhino boma and with the president going to be there nothing was spared – it looked amazing. We had seats probably about 2m from the main table so we missed nothing.


We did get stares from across the marque and you could see people asking each other “who is that?” – didn’t phase us one bit. I was just waiting for the big boys to ask how we got an invite and to see their faces when we responded “it was from the president’s office” Unfortunately nobody was brave enough to ask.


After a few speeches the president was asked to go to the boma to release the rhino – I am sure we weren’t meant to go but we did anyway. After unveiling the plaque the gate was opened and the rhino headed out into the reserve – something else to search for during our many visits to the reserve.


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