The road to Mosu and Mmotshumo then onto the pans

Great news for us is that the pans are dry enough again – well at the moment – to venture onto them. With 2 more months of rain possible this could still change again.

On Sunday we were joined by Ian, one of Sue’s colleagues, and we did a round trip heading to Mosu for starters.


Mosu is a quaint little village in a valley right on the edge of the Sowa Pan.

Sowa is one of the largest pans extending from us up to Nata. In the rainy season it is well known for its flamingos, but unfortunately during the rainy season we can’t get onto it – so we haven’t seen these famous flamingos. Sowa actually means “salt” in the San language, who at one stage mined the mineral.

From Mosu we took the road to Mmotshumo, which is on the “main route” (well you wouldn’t think so driving it) into the pan and to Kubu Island.

Nervous of the possibility of finding wet patches and getting stuck, Ian ventured out onto the salt crust and we fled along. It was straight on to Kubu Island with no trouble at all. Kubu Island is the most magnificent, mystical spot. Massive baobabs fill the island and the rock formations are incredible. From here you look out at miles and miles of pan and see nothing and more nothing. Its amazing how beautiful nothing actually is.

There was only one negative about the place and that was flies. This wasn’t the case when we last visited the Island back in October. We have never been in a place where there have been so many. At least 10 thousand and 5 flies attacking you at once – in your eyes, up your nose, just all over. It was definitely one of the quickest braai’s I have ever made and we sat in an air-conditioned car with the windows closed to eat it.

Even still it was a great day and one worth doing.


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2 Responses to The road to Mosu and Mmotshumo then onto the pans

  1. Ogies says:

    Hi guys, I can just imagine you having lunch without the flies lol. Is there big goggas like grasshoppers !!! Miss you xxxxx

  2. Rina says:

    You are the first people I know that count attacking flies!
    Hope you will take met to see the pans and all the other wonderful sights when I visit again? (we can skip the fly-counting bit)
    Keep posting ……I envy you

    Ian can be very very persistent (and successful) in pursuing his goals – whether it is finding Poo trees or parking at the front doors of the mall on a saturday morning !

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