A Whole day at Immigration

Thank goodness for the last minute otherwise nothing would ever be done.

My tourist visa expired on the 3rd March and just before that, the guys sorting out my permits submitted an application for residency for me and managed to get my passport extended for another 3 days.

This didn’t turn out to be enough as approval wasn’t received in that time so a further 5 days was granted. 5 days later when approval was believed not to yet be given I was in-front of immigration again. This time they were refusing any more extension – all I could here was “….. 90 days…… ” then pointing at me and saying “……95 days” Being 4 in the afternoon I knew I wouldn’t even make it to a border post before they closed to get out in time.

Checking their system they discovered that my residency had been approved, but they couldn’t issue me with the permit. I had to drive to Serowa, a town 200km from here and they still weren’t interested in giving me an extension not even for a day so I could go get my permit the following day as driving the 200km in half and hour before the offices closed wasn’t going to quite work.

After major convincing I got a 2 day extension.

After a 2 hr drive we arrived in Serowa at 11hoo, having been told by my agent here that this should take about 10 minutes and we would be home just after lunch.

Unfortunately the lady who presses the print button on the computer was in a meeting

All I needed

and we were asked to return at 12h30 which we did. But now the network was down and they couldn’t print, so it was recommended that we return at 14h00.

The network was still down at 14h00, but we were informed that if it wasn’t working by 15h00 they would give me a manual permit. At 15h00 they started the process of typing out a permit and about 1/2 hour later we were on the road home.

What fun, and all this for a 3 month residency permit. We have been here for 3 months and how time has flown, I suppose these next 3 months will go just as quick.

Least I am Legal


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