The Passing of Ian Morrison

It is of great sadness that I inform you of my Father’s death. He past away peacefully last night at 23h15 in the company of my mother and sister Bridgette.

My father has been fighting cancer for the last year – least he is out of the pain he was experiencing over this last month.

He was not only a great father, but a great friend – he will be deeply missed by my mother, sisters, Sue and I and all that knew him.

May he rest in peace.


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3 Responses to The Passing of Ian Morrison

  1. Ken and Joyce says:

    Sorry to hear that your father passed away our condolences to you and all the family. Ken and Joyce

  2. Rina says:

    “For whatever we lose…’s always our self we find in the sea, the plains and mountains high
    Take a leaf from Nature’s book
    for she is old and wise –
    Wipe the sadness from your heart,
    the tear drop from your eyes….
    Take your cue from birds at dawn
    and sunlight’s dancing beams.
    Nature seems to say, even upon this day –
    Have faith, be brave
    have courage and declare:
    faith in God and his love for all
    things great and small”

    Pete, we wish you strength and peace on this sad day
    Rina and Ian

  3. rick sweitzer says:

    hello peter, hellie, bridgie, clare, caillie, sue and all others gathered around at this very sad time.

    the poem posted was so appropriate. i, for one, will not forget those twinkling eyes.

    the american side of the morrie family are grateful that we were able to spend christmas together with grandad. our children will never, ever forget that sri lanka test match in durban that grandad so graciously led us into, and the commentary and cricket lore that was explained with passion and fervor, that all who knew ian will understand.

    i believe our children were inspired by ian´s humble energy and vast resevoir of knowledge of all those things he loved and cherished. the bush and its vibrant life was near and dear to him. and he passed this love so ably to many around him. especially to you, peter. our family has always been amazed with his keen passion for birdlife and the ability to identify what few guides could know. but one of his greatest gifts was shown as he never embarassed his bush guide…

    we are sad for ian’s passing. our children grieve as they have only now begun to see, understand and appreciate just how special grandad was. i too, had only begun to appreciate and revere the breadth of his knowledge and wisdom. we have lost a treasure, indeed.

    our hearts go to you all today as our tears blend together……

    the sweitzers

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