In Loving Memory of Ian Morrison

A thousand times we needed you,

A thousand times we cried,

If love alone could have saved you

you never would have died,

A heart of gold stopped beating

two twinkling eyes closed to rest,

God broke our hearts to prove he only took the best,

Never a day goes by that you’re not in my heart and soul.

Kimberly N. Chastain



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2 Responses to In Loving Memory of Ian Morrison

  1. James & Gina Milliron says:

    What a tribute to a beautiful man! We hold you all close to our hearts in this sad time and send healing thoughts to you from afar. Fondly James and Gina Milliron, Yakima, WA USA

  2. Chris Sweitzer says:

    For a large part of my life, Grandad lived far far away, but today he lives so very close to everyone’s heart. Growing up is something that cannot be taught in a classroom, but something that all people do naturally through experience and time. For me, growing up has taken time, effort and lack-thereof, a little luck, and primarily through the love and support from my family. But, no amount of time, luck or effort in my 20 year life has taught me more about growing up than seeing Grandad in December. I may never know the struggle that he had during that time, but I will forever know the strength and love for life that he possessed. His ability to sit through a 90 degree cricket game illuminated his passion for the game he loved and his unprecedented patience in teaching three Americans the thousands of rules concerning the game. Not once did he complain but instead did the exact opposite, embracing life and the curveball (baseball term that he was eager to understand) that was sent his way. I can speak for Taylor and Anna when I say that Grandad taught us something about life and its beauty, its unpredictability and our ability to overcome. I have been blessed to know Grandad but most of all, we all have been blessed by his life and his ability to influence us beyond just growing up.

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