A must to do

What a way to get our minds off the events of the past two weeks. Sue’s sister, Pauline and boyfriend, Jacques, from Cape Town, traveled all the way up to spend a week with us.

Kubu Island

We started with the local highlights of our area, these being the Orapa Game Reserve, Kubu Island in the salt pans and of course theLetlhakane city tour.

But then, on Pauline’s insistence we headed up to Maun, the Gateway to the Okavango Delta where she treated us to an air flight over the delta.

Apprehensively I checked out our plane which was a 5-seater with a cabin that was about the size of my Kia Picanto. Having suffered a bit in the past with motion sickness I was only to pleased when our pilot mentioned that the weather was perfect and we were going to have a smooth flight.

Getting airborne gave us the opportunity to see Maun and its surrounds from the air. It was not long. however, before we crossed the Veterinary fence that separates the wild animals from the domestic ones.  From this point the beautiful water ways and islands of the delta became visible which was amazing by itself, especially for people that live in a desert.

Massive herds of elephants were feeding on the islands and drinking from the crystal waters. So clear was the water that you could see the hippo paths along the bottom and massive crocodiles swimming in the channels.

As expected hippo’s were plentiful and we saw plenty of general game and flying low we managed even to see small animals such as warthogs and fish eagles

Herds of about 200-300 buffalo’s were everywhere and our pilot brought our plane in low just above the trees so that we could get an excellent view of these massive animals.

I am sure I also saw rhino and lion, but as I was the only one to see them, nobody else was convinced.

We definitely rate this as one experience you must do and one we will never forget.


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