The Diamond Run

Roughly once a week in the mining town of Orapa, diamonds are collected from the mine and transported to the airstrip where they are air-lifted out. The transportation is done by a convoy of heavily armed policemen who drive at a great speed and you are expected to pull-over and stop – or else. Something we had been warned about by a few people.

Sue had an experience of seeing this on their mine from her office, when the guys collected the first load of diamonds.

But for us, taking a quiet drive out to the game reserve, which borders the airstrip we witnessed the Orapa Diamond run from our car.

Casually driving towards the game reserve gate, looking at birds and warthogs grazing along the side of the road, we saw approaching us about 5 vehicles with flashing lights. The lead car when seeing us immediately came across onto our side of the road and was driving bloody fast straight at us.

To avoid a collision or being forced off the road, we did what was necessary and pulled off and stopped dead. Giving no indication that we were going to attack they fled on at over 2000 km per hour.


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