You get birds called flycatchers and bee-eaters, but what we need are mozzie-munchers.

Even with winter upon us mosquitoes are still irritating us and what makes it worse is our pond without fish an ideal breeding spot for the blighters.

Temperatures Plummet:

Well being winter and being close to the middle thereof one would expect it to be cold, but the freezing conditions are a bit of a surprise. An evening back I had to find a jersey and noticed that our thermometer was indicating a massive drop in temperature to 27C.

Our coldest minimum so far has been 10.2C – that called for a complete tracksuit and woolly socks. Day temperatures are a chilly 28-30C – bring on summer.

Sue’s Permit:

We had a scare last week when we got news that Sue’s work permit had been rejected. This also coincided with her waivers expiring on last week Friday.

It was hectic times lodging an appeal, which was accepted and then extending her waivers, which has been done for another month. All efforts are now to turn the rejection into an approval.

As my residency expires on Monday I guess its back to immigration this week. The bottom line is that they really don’t want foreigners here.

New birds to our garden:

As winter is upon us the number of birds to our garden to drink and seed we put out. Two new birds to our garden have been the Cattle Egret and the stunning Marico Sunbird. You only get 2 types of sunbird in our area, the Marico and white-bellied, both now to found in our garden.

My Baby turns 18:

How time flies, one moment they are babies and the next they are adults. My daughter Cailin celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. Hope you had a stunning day and were spoilt wrotten.


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