Great Day in Orapa Game Reserve

Yesterday we decided to take the two kids from next door to the game reserve, their first time to see wild animals. Even being a cold and windy day we still managed to see a lot. They thoroughly enjoyed it and we battled to get our hands on our binoculars, bird and animal books.

After lunch I took them for a walk around the waterhole we were braaing at to show them different trees, tracks, a termite mound, of course a rhino midden and what ever else we came across. A sounder of warthogs came and had a long drink before running off with their tails up.


It was also our first sighting of the rhino which were released into the park back in March of this year. What more we saw 3 together, they were a bit nervous in the swirling wind but we managed to get a reasonable view of at least 2 of them.


The highlight was however a band of Ground Squirrels who were basking in the sun and not worried about our presence. In and out of their holes and lying flat out in the warm sand, jumping up to check for any danger and just getting on with their lives.

Another great sighting was a Pale Chanting Goshawk that took off from the ground and perched not far from us and posed for photographs.


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2 Responses to Great Day in Orapa Game Reserve

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  2. Suki says:

    So great you took the kids out. They are the adults of tomorrow that will be caretakers of our wildlife. Got to love those Squirrels šŸ™‚

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