Testing the new camera

With our trip coming up we decided to splash out a bit and buy a good camera with a reasonable telephoto lens in anticipation of all the wildlife we are going to see.

Yesterday sitting in our garden we played with it so that we were not total beginners with it and having to read the instruction manual before taking a pic. Most of our models were some of the birds visiting our pond to drink.

We thought we would share so of our better results with you.

This shot of a sparrow coming in to land was taken at a high speed.


The bright yellow of the Yellow Canary brought some nice colour into this pic.



This cute shot was taken by Sue getting an action shot of 2 Red-eyed Bulbuls drinking from our pond.



The pic of the day was this one of a White-throated Canary taken by Sue – pity she can’t remember what she did to get it so good.


Of course we also tested the camera on plants, other objects in the garden and other models.




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One Response to Testing the new camera

  1. Helen Sweitzer says:

    Hope your trip is fun. I am sure you will have lots of stories to tell when you get back. Sue, I did the same thing with my camera, took a marvellous photo of a flower, perfectly in focus, background all blurred – it was fabulous. Can’t figure out how on earth I did it, so it has yet to be repeated. Am sure you are smarter than I !! Have a safe trip.

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