Our Trip: Chobe River Safari

There were so many highlights to our trip, but this was definitely one of the best 3 hours I have spent in my life.

Of course it came with a few challenges – but by this stage we were getting quite used to them. With all the camping grounds fill in Kasane it didn’t come as to much of a surprise to find that all the boat trips were also fill. But once again the photographic safari guys that had kindly allowed us to camp on their lawn came to the rescue.

Kasane, as mentioned in a previous blog is on the banks of the Chobe River and borders onto the well known Chobe National Park, which arguably has the largest density of elephants in the world. Tourists from all corners of our planet come to the Chobe and always take the evening boat cruise on the river, now we were to see why.

Arriving at our boat we were introduced to our pilot, with the name of Killer. He quickly said it was his name and not his profession. After telling us the rules of the boat he did however mention that he didn’t want to make it his profession so best we abide.

Crocs and hippo greeted us onto the river and after chugging past the lovely hotels along the banks we soon arrived at the sign-in point to Chobe National Park.

It was not long before we came across a group of bull elephants that were feeding on the waters edge and even on the water vegetation. The one bull in particular was not worried about our presence and gave us ample photographic opportunities.

Thank goodness for digital cameras as developing all the hundreds of pics would have cost a fortune.

The birdlife along the river was amazing and Killer was excellent in identifying them for us and hence our bird list has increased substantially. This included Openbilled Storks, Fish Eagle, Cormorants, Kingfishers and plenty more. We also had the privilege of seeing a  flock of African Skimmers which is a near-threatened species owing to wetland habitat degradation, over-exploitation and human disturbance.

As we moved slowly up the river we got excellent views of baboon, monitor lizard, Kudu, giraffe and a lot of other general game. See all our photo’s https://ourbots.wordpress.com/our-trip-july-2012/our-trip-chobe-river-safari/

Probably the best sighting was that of a herd of elephants on the banks. What made it even more special was a baby baby which was being well protected by its mother and aunts whilst we clicked away.

Words alone can’t express the whole trip, so please have a look at our collection of photo’s at https://ourbots.wordpress.com/our-trip-july-2012/our-trip-chobe-river-safari/

Tristan got a further opportunity to fish whilst we sipped away at our lemonades (yeah right) whilst we watched another amazing sunset.


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