Our Trip: Kasane to Katima Mulilo

We were very sad to leave Kasane as it was wonderful town and there was so much more to explore. But it was time to move on.

It was time to head up to Katima Mulilo in Namibia’s Caprivi strip. Katima is situated on one of Africa’s major rivers the Zambezi and is the border town before entering Zambia. Our trip was relatively short as the two towns are only about 160km apart.

Of course the African bug had to have its say though. All those dam tourists that had taken all the camping sites and booked out the boats at Kasane had also used up the town’s diesel supply.

It wasn’t a frightening situation to our vehicle as we had enough to get to Katima, but it was better to be safe than sorry. It would also be a problem if Katima also was out of diesel. For Brian and Anne, their camper need fuel. We heard that there was fuel at Kazungula, the border “town” – if not plan B was for us to get to Katima, fill up and head back to the point where Brian had run out.

Lucky enough there was fuel and we got there just in time as queues were staring to lengthen, with two full vehicles we headed out.

The first stretch was through Chobe National Park, which was described by Tristan as like being on a Main road but in the middle of a game reserve.  Game was plentiful and we had excellent giraffe, kudu, tsessebbe sightings and saw plenty of zebra.

We also came across a small breeding herd of elephants with a very young calf. All the herd were on one side of the road except for a young male and as more and more cars stopped to see them the young bull must have panicked a bit and turned his frustrations out on a small tree which he attacked, just too show us how strong he was. With the situation getting uncomfortable we decided to leave them.

We were fortunate to see another herd of elephants before we left the Park. The drop down to the border post was spectacular with a magnificent view of the Chobe River and the baobabs on its banks – but it was another border crossing.

It was my permit for Botswana that was rapidly running out of legal days that slowed us down before we could cross the river. Once again they were quiet happy letting me out and letting it be somebody else’s problem when I tried getting back in.

After having our vehicles sprayed at the veterinary post and filling in the necessary paper work we were free to proceed into Namibia. Immediately we noticed that this side was far drier and more baron than Botswana. The villages much neater and fires burnt all over the veld.

After the baron country side it was great to arrive on lush banks of the Zambezi, our home for the next 3 nights – it didn’t take Tristan long to throw in his line and try his luck at fishing.


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