Our Trip: Katima Mulilo

After our hectic start to our trip it was now time to relax a bit.

Anne, Brian and Cailin (to some extent) got out their books and Tristan spent hours on the river banks fishing. For Sue and Cailin they found relaxation time shopping and we must have visited every shop in Katima – I must say without buying much, but full points for them trying and trying they did.

We booked a boat cruise on the Zambezi one afternoon and yes the African bug stung I again. When Brian made the booking the computer system was down and they promptly forgot about us. So after tracking down the outsourced company we managed to leave an hour late.

The trip was more the fisherman on the trip, but I use the term lightly as the closest we saw to a fish was Brian retrieving his fish look alike lure from the reeds in the net. This did however catch the attention of a Fish Eagle that flew low over us to see if there was anything on offer.

With all the relaxation going on I wondered around the camp to do some birding as it was excellent and well rewarded with Schalow’s Turaco, Lilac-breasted Roller, Giant, Pied and Brown-hooded kingfisher, Scarlet Chested Sunbird  and plenty of others.

At night we had a regular visit from an owl who just sat in the tree above camp and watched our every move. The debate still goes on as we first identified it as a Wood Owl, but later when it called we couldn’t match its call with the books description of any owls. Some still think it was a Barred Owl.

Of course I had to explore and of course I had to find a pub. Bizi pub was situated right on the lush banks of the Zambezi and gave a feel that you could be in a bar in Mozambique or some other tropical location. Fine sand (almost like beach sand) covered the floor so it was bare foot time.

The combined toilets had a lot of character and included a sign of how the facilities should be used, as well as a cute sign to indicate where the toilets were.


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  1. Aneesa & Faraaz says:

    Love it 🙂

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