Our Trip: Okavango: Maun

We needed to cut our stay at Drotsky’s Camp in Shakawe short by a night, as somebody needed to get through to the immigration in Maun. Not mentioning any names – ok – me.

The drive was long and the road was covered in ptholes, our progress was also hampered, typical in Botswana, by cows, donkeys and goats on the road as well as having to slow through numerous small villages. Brian and Anne’s Camper got hit by a flying stone off a passing vehicle which shattered the driver’s side window. Getting rid of all the glass they pushed on with Brian worrying about his hair style.

Compounding the problem when we got to camp, Anne fixed a towel over the now open window, but got the towel stuck in the locking mechanism and they couldn’t open the door. Maun was also not the place to find the specific window needed for their Mercedes Camper, so a piece of clear plastic was taped over the gap.

After 8 nights of camping we decided that putting up tents again was not going to be fun and that chalets were a far better option.

First stop the following morning was immigration, a very helpful official kindly extended my permit for another week so I could get back to Letlhakane to get it sorted (another drama which I will tell you about in a later post). Free again, we explored Maun.

Maun is a vibrant little town and the gateway to the Okavango Delta, hence full of damn tourists and every second person/vehicle is a safari operator. After a drought of shops for the last 2 days, Sue and Cailin wasted no time in getting over their withdrawal symptoms.

With no hairdresser in Letlhakane we also all lined up to be sheared.

We had managed to keep a very special treat for the kids a secret all along and we wanted it to stay that way as long as we could.

It meant getting the kids up early, my excuse was that I had a meeting with a tourism operator. Grudgingly they obliged.  When we stopped at the airport they still didn’t suspect anything, but when I needed our passports for my “meeting” they found it  a bit strange. After my “meeting” I told them we were being taken on a tour of the airport.

It was only after we had cleared security and in the departure hall when the guy we were following told us to wait as he was going to check if our pilot and plane were ready, that the kids realised we were going to do the flight over the delta………


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