Our Trip: Heading Home

After the air flight over the Okavango it was time to do the long trip back to Letlhakane and even though for Sue and myself our holiday felt over there was still a special place we wanted to show the others.

We caught up Anne and Brian at the Boteti River that was flowing even stronger, owing to it being the overflow for the Okavango. Brian and Anne had been taking it slowly as their piece of plastic covering their window had come loose and Brian not only had to drive but hold onto the plastic.

Kindly they prepared some lunch for us as they waited for us to catch-up. It was quickly eaten had we headed on home as the rugby was about to start. Oh yes – just a quick one, Sharks you beauties.

The next day with an icy wind blowing we headed out to the salt pans and to Kubu Island.

We had just spent the last 10 nights on the banks of 3 major rivers in lush riverine bush and now we were in the opposite spectrum.

The Island was as spectacular as ever, but full of damn tourists. For all our photo’s see

It had been an amazing two weeks, a stunning 21st birthday present for Tristan and an incredible trip for all of us. Over the 2000 + Km we had so many highlights that one couldn’t say that one was the best.

We had:

The Tristan and Cailin joining us.

The lovely town of Kasane with elephants around town and the stunning boat trip on the Chobe River.

The amazing Victoria Falls.

Great Fishing on all the rivers (a highlight for Tristan and Anne, both catching their first Tigers)

The cute owl at our camp in Katima as well as the Bizi Bar

The stunning Drotsky’s Camp on the Okavango and the amazing day we spent birding and fishing (of course including Pel’s Fishing Owl)

Then the flight over the delta

The African bug (our Murphy) threw us some curved balls and we just had to get through TAB (That’s Africa Baby) but we made plans where needed – even immigration was sorted.

A very special thanks to all, for making it such a wonderful trip and especially to my wonderful girlfriend Sue without whom it would never had been possible or not nearly as enjoyable.

Also a special mention to our friend, Jaco, who lent us his BMW X5 travelling in style and comfort made a massive difference. Pity he wanted it back.


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