With the able-bodied Olympics a thing of the past we hope that you all noticed that Botswana won a medal. Nijel Amos came in second in the Men’s 800m final winning a silver medal, and the first medal ever for Botswana. GO BOTS


It is not a secret that we have both embraced this country, the people, the wildlife and even the cows, goats and donkeys, but the people here have warmed to Sue. I suppose not surprisingly as she is such a lovely person

We can’t go anywhere around Letlhakane without getting a few “hello, Sue” and a lot she doesn’t have a clue who they are. The other night we were out for dinner when a white guy approached her and asked if by any chance her name was Sue as he had heard so much about her.

I am known around town as “Mr Sue”


“August winds” – my word they know how to blow up here. The wind has been howling for days now and Letlhakane is covered in a dust cloud causing driving visibility to drop to the level where cars drive with their lights on. Roads are covered in sand – yes we do have a couple of tar roads. Expect to be sand blasted if you step outdoors and our house is covered inside with dust and sand. Thank goodness for maids.


We decided last week to buy some bicycles to have some fun and also get some exercise. Our first ride was to Sue’s office, a massive distance of 450m one way, just to show off our bikes. We definitely didn’t take into account the soft sand and of course two whities cycling was of great amusement to the community. To Sue’s embarrassment one of her staff had to drive up behind her when she was battling through a very soft patch opf sand and blocking the narrow road. She definitely has far more respect for Tour de France cyclists now.

Owing to the hectic winds and chilly conditions we have only managed one other ride, that was in a quieter area and on tar (yes we do have a tar road).


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One Response to Snippets

  1. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Hi Mr Sue and Sue

    Love your blogs! Keep them coming! You are definitely making the most of Bots – “good on ya mate”, as they say down under! I am printing them out and posting them to mom, so in effect, they are travelling around the world in more ways than one! I would still love to visit you – perhaps I will come next year – am hoping to visit mom for her 80th, so maybe will visit on the way in – or out. Love Bx

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