A day at a waterhole

After days of heavy wind and dust clouds, Sunday broke with all the potentials of being a stunning day (and it was) – and there was no better place to be than in the Game Reserve.

It was to turn out to be one of our best visits yet. We decided not to spend the whole day driving but just to get to a waterhole and sit and see what came to us.

The waterhole we chose was far from where most people drive and generally in that area we see nobody else. We got a bit lost finding the waterhole as we tried some roads we haven’t been on and lucky enough we came across a mommy and baby rhino on the road, as well as eland, hartebeest, gemsbok and zebra on our way.

Sue had done the food packing and I got a lovely surprise when I saw she had packed prawns, we quickly cooked these on our gas cooker. Putting them with some avocado pear and we had a stunning starter at an amazing setting, right on the banks of a waterhole. Of course a chilled bottle of  dry white wines complemented the whole occasion.

Our second course was just as nice as we had juicy lamb chops marinated in mint sauce. Life is really tough in Botswana but we seem to be surviving. Whilst cooking we did have an impala, some gemsbok and warthog pop by.

After lunch we settled into our chairs with our binoculars and camera at the ready. Warthogs came and went, some more relaxed than others with our presence. Then looking over my shoulder I saw a rhino approaching and not far away. It was the same mother and calf we had seen earlier. With the wind in our favour and them having poor eye sight they did not pick us up and past us in the tree line at about 10m.

As they moved around the waterhole finding a place to drink they finally picked up our scent and ran off a short distance, before returning to drink.

They were followed by a continuous flow of animals, Kudus, lots of warthogs and a massive herd of zebra. With one group leaving we turned to each other an said ok what’s next on the program, because they just came and came.




It was hard to leave, but there will be another day spent at that waterhole, before the rains come and the animals don’t have to rely on it. To see more photos of our day go to https://ourbots.wordpress.com/photos-2/a-day-at-a-waterhole/


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3 Responses to A day at a waterhole

  1. James & Gina Milliron says:

    I just showed your photos to James. Remember our joke about “looking alot like our deer?” Oh to see all of those beautiful animals again. Thank you Peter. We are SO there! Some day! G & J

  2. Suki says:

    Love the rhino but the pig wallowing in the mud the best. Prawns & avo starter – woo hoo! Nice one. Too expensive over here. Average avo (small) cost SAR 15…..Prawns here are what we called shrimps in Africa 🙂

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