I saw a cloud

Our bitterly cold winter is over – the coldest we had was 4.5 C, but days were generally not bad reaching 25C.

The August winds are still blowing strongly getting rid of all the stubborn old leaves on trees and I guess they will keep blowing for a while. Last year, late September, when we came here for an inspection visit, we were hit by a massive sand storm and howling winds.

Temperatures have started to increase nicely and our average daily maximum temps is 32C for the month so far, but warnings of summer have been evident with a few 37C sneaking in.

Last Saturday we were shopping at Orapa when at exactly 11.14 the bright sunshine was replaced by a subdued light. We immediately looked to the heavens, everybody around us was doing the same thing. It was a cloud passing in front of the sun and not the end of the world as flashed through my mind. In fact the whole sky was full of these white puffy things, something we haven’t seen for months now.

Even though we haven’t had rain yet the bush which is getting more and more arid is showing signs of coming to life. The Wild Pear trees, Dombeya rotundifolia are full with white flowers, always my indicator that spring has arrived. The Acacia karoo’s have also begun to flower and their small yellow flowers can be seen dotted around the area.

The Shepard Tree, Boscia albitrunca, known locally as the Mopipi tree, after the numerous quantity of them at the town of Mopipi, have bright new green leaves.

Also of great excitement is the return of the Yellow-billed Kite from north Africa, Europe and the Middle East, a few weeks early, however, according to literature. They are here to breed and will be with us until March next year. We now wait for the other migrants such as the European Bee-eaters and Rollers to appear. Soon we will hear the distinctive call of the Diedricks Cuckoo.

We have started sowing seeds in our veggie garden and flowers are beginning to appear all over our garden.

Unfortunately with all the good there are always some un-pleasantries such as mosquitoes, ticks, flies and swarms of little bugs that tend to find their way into your drinks. But these deter little from the magical period that we are moving into.


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One Response to I saw a cloud

  1. Suki says:

    Not sure how I missed this but enjoying the read. 🙂

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