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This blog started as a platform for Sue and I to let our friends and family know how we are doing and what we are up to. Its grown much bigger than that and our blog is now getting over 200 views a day, from people from all over the world. Welcome to all my new friends.

I have now enjoyed writing over 70 blogs, it has been great fun and I enjoy hearing comments like: “Just love your blogs”, “we can’t wait for the next one” and a friend up here saying “don’t do the work for me yet, finish writing about your holiday first”.

We in turn love getting your comments on the blogs. One thing, however, nobody seems to know about is if you click on the header of the blog you will go to the blog page itself and at the end of each blog there is a “like” button. So if you have enjoyed reading the rubbish I have written, please “like it” even if you have nothing to comment.

First Attempts at making Biltong

Just for benefit of friends who are not aware of what biltong is – it is dried meat, a recipe /process past down over many years from when explorers in South Africa travelled long distances and had no refrigeration.

The biltong sold here is not great. Being able to get meat here for only 45 Pula (roughly ZAR 48) a kilogram makes it even more favourable to make it yourself.

We borrowed a biltong making machine from friends and set about cutting up a 3kg rump, spicing it and hanging it. It was hard work sitting in front of the machine and watching it dry, but after 5 days the rewards were worth it.

In fact I am chewing on a piece whilst I am typing. Our second batch is in and this time we are trying fillet.

A Sh*tty Job

Not surprisingly the soil in a desert is not the greatest when one wants to have a nice garden and a vegetable patch, so we spend a lot of effort making compost. All our kitchen wet waste is put in a bin and transformed, this is mixed with sand and put into a heap.

A friend who is a fisherman, managed to get some earthworms from South Africa, which he was going to use as bait. I quickly made a deal with him that I would start an earth worm farm (in my compost heap) and he could help himself when ever he wants. With the high temperatures, poor sand and dry conditions, we just don’t get this composite making animal here.

This is does not however keep our garden going and it is necessary to bring in extra material. One thing Botswana does have is plenty of goats and cows, so yesterday I headed out to a community water well, where hundreds of live stock visit each day and hence plenty of Moo Poo.

Of course, the right thing to do is ask permission to take the dung. It took some doing to explain what I wanted and I got an expression in return that could only mean “You Want WHAT”. With smiles and laughter from some of the locals I was allowed to start loading.

Even a herd of goats, bleating loudly came in close to see what I was doing. I wanted to pick them up, put them on the back of our car and give them a big fright to make my life easier.

Soon I was full of sh*t,ย  a mixture of goat and cow dung which will give plenty of goodness to our soil.


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4 Responses to Snippets

  1. Bridgette says:

    Mr Soo Moo Poo ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anne Scotting says:

    I know just what you mean Peter. Grant and I go to the location a couple of times a year and fill up bags with goat manure, for the princely sum of R100.00, which is really left as a thank you. Grant, being a Malawian swears by the stuff. But now we have cattle on the front of our farm, rented for grazing, and we too go pretty regularly to collect backs of real good wet cow dung. Such is life when one lives in these communities. It’s fun though and the veggies thrive. Anne

  3. normalubrown says:

    Really miss the Biltong – of course we have beef jerky in Canada but it’s not the same. Your description is a tease! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Rina says:

    Has the book on organic gardening being of any help? This poo business is a bit much for me. I stick to compost…..not the animal recycled variety… digging, newspaper and mulch (grass,wood chips,hay etc) Before I go the poo way I think I’ll rather support Choppies or Spar. They even have persimmons on the shelf! Not even more expensive than in SA. Maybe you guys have been exposed to the sun too much? Poo – moo poo- goat poo… really!

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