Letlhakane News

First Rains

Last week Thursday we had our first rain of the season, and this since March – we got about 650mm of rain in about 15 minutes – well that was the distance between drops. This managed, at least, to settle the dust and break the consistent daily temps of well over 40C.

But it was on Saturday that the real rain hit us and it came as normal in a massive storm, lightening, thunder and this time even with hail. It came in quickly and we rushed to close our front windows and the rain hit us horizontally wave after wave. The all of a sudden the wind switched 180 deg and before we knew it our bed room and bed was sopping and covered in hail balls. Trying to close the windows I was hit by hail and sheets of rain.

The whole area looks so clean and our roof that was covered in dust actually looks like it had a fresh coat of paint and you can once again see that we have red tiles. Now our garden has no excuse to grow.

Car Crash

It was the first time in the year (well almost) that we have lived here that there has been a car crash in Letlhakane. A taxi had swung across the road where there was no gap.

Crowds turned out to see the slightly damaged vehicles and the Police were soon there. Traffic was majorly backed up.

New Restaurant

With only two restaurants to choose from we were pleased to see we had a new one, the Sweet Cherry Cafe – especially seeing the original two were pretty poor.

We gave it a try – they had about 6 main dishes on their menu but only 1 available at the time, you could have 1/4 chicken, 1/2 chicken or a full chicken. You couldn’t get potatoe chips, but you could get wedges. Sue and I settled for chicken and wedges. For 60 Pula we got half a chicken, wedges and salad to share and it was excellent and more than enough for the two of us.

After popping in and checking that they had got stock we took a crowd there on Friday night to give it a second chance. They had the full range of beef cuts, some tasty Bream (fresh water fish) and of course chicken. Everybody enjoyed their meal so I guess this is our new local. Being not licensed meant we could take our own drinks as well.


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2 Responses to Letlhakane News

  1. Rina says:

    It is amazing with how little one can be satisfied with if there are not too many choices. Not having too many restaurants nor choice on the menu it eventually boils down to the company we keep….
    Magic stuff.

  2. Suki Viljoen says:

    When you live in a country where we have just had 5 weeks of rain, one tends to forget that some places have so little! Rina’s comment about how we can be satisfied when there are so few choices is true and a reminder to me.

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