Our First Botswana Lions

Throughout our exploring in Botswana we weren’t fortunate to come across any lions – so where better to go than to a place that we had heard the following comments about:

The lions in the Kalahari are the most magnificent”

We always see lions when we go to the Kalahari”

“Don’t sleep on the ground when you go to the Kalahari, you will get eaten by lions”

Botswana LionSo this last weekend we were off to see lions in the Central Kalahari National Park. The situation was perfect as a friend of ours was doing some work at Haina Kalahari Lodge and organized an excellent deal for us to stay in one of their luxury tents. Which were on a deck – not on the ground.

After a delayed start owing to a puncture and not finding the key to unlock our spare wheel – the fun and games we always seem to experience. We soon found out why guests generally fly-in to the lodge and not drive. The 70km sand road is not the greatest and took us about an hour and a half. It was not only us that was being thrown around but the beers sprayed everywhere when opened.

As there were no guests in camp, it was just us and our friends, so lodge management let their hair down and we all had a good time.

The lodge is lovely and the tents very nicely done and well worth it’s 4-stars.

But where were the lions. Of course we were told that they always drank at the lodge waterhole and heard the many stories of kills and not to walk at night from the lodge to your tent.

So our eyes were glued to the waterhole which had a continuous flow of impala and kudu, some lovely male kudus paraded in front of us, but no cats.

Botswana Kudu

Sue and I were the only ones on the afternoon game drive as everybody else wanted to watch the rugby. As my team lost I was glad that we had decided to head into the bush rather.

The bush was unfortunately very quiet and apart from a few kudu, impala, giraffe, zebra and gemsbuck we saw nothing else, but it was wonderful seeing the Kalahari and being in the bush.

The following morning we were told that shortly after we left the night before a leopard came to drink at the waterhole. We should have stayed for the “last one”.

Our eyes were once again on the  waterhole – kudu and more kudu – some impala, interesting birds, but still no lion.

The highlight was watching two kudus facing off and the dominate bull chasing off a very respective younger male.


Just before we declared that we weren’t going to see lions and head home, a radio message came through from the scouts saying they had found lions.

We rushed out to find a big male with two lionesses lying in the shade to avoid the sun and doing what lions do best – sleeping.

Our first lion sighting in Botswana of hopefully many more. More pictures of our weekend go to https://ourbots.wordpress.com/photos-2/haina-safari-lodge/

Botswana LionsBotswana Lions



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2 Responses to Our First Botswana Lions

  1. Rina says:

    Nice – very nice. I will get there too one day…..

  2. Suki Viljoen says:

    Glad you got to see the lions at last. Chuckled that the spraying beers made mention!

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