Novembers in Letlhakane

We had been warned about the month of November here in Letlhakane, that it is the hottest month, water supplies were at there lowest and could in fact even run out.

The start of the month we had a an overcast week, keeping the temperatures cool at only 40C. But then the clouds disappeared and for  two and a half weeks we had full sun shine with temperatures of 45C + and no cooling agents such as wind or rain. Going outside was not a great option, as the air-conditioned environment inside was far more appealing.

The sun was so harsh that it burnt the plants in garden and all the hard work was being frazzled away.

Water cuts, or just no supply, happened daily and we found ourselves without water, on one occasion, for 3 days.

On top of this electricity was being cut regularly, which meant defrosting refrigerators, darkness, no aircon, no TV and also not having internet connection. Some days even with electricity the internet was not working.

It was not a fun month. The clouds have moved in now for the last week and some relieving rain has fallen, keeping the temperatures down and offering some relief for the garden.

The water and electricity supply has improved considerably – its fantastic having a whole day with lights, water and internet. It does make you much more appreciative of things we just take for granted.


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One Response to Novembers in Letlhakane

  1. Rina says:

    Tell me about appreciating life’s little comforts such as water an electricity nd internet. Wrting and sending this to you I have to sit outside on a overturned old bath under the “windpomp” because it is the only place I have enough signal to send and receive mails etc! Our power here also goes out at the slightest hint of a thunderstorm, wind or “sommer net” Water is available but we must just remember to switch the pump on ! Cannot do if there is no power…..
    Afrika is nie vir sissies nie !

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