Foal Update

Saturday was the day that the police were going to let us know:

  1. If they had found the foals owner.
  2. If they were going to take it away from us
  3. Or, if it was being given to us.

DSC_0038Walking into the Police Station we basically knew that an owner hadn’t been found as they would have been at our house already. We hoped that they would make us the new owners as then we could the baby horse to a friend of ours near Francistown that does horse rescue.

We met with the Vice Superintendent (2nd in charge) – he said he knew our case and he supported us in the decision to move it to Francistown, but the permission had to come from the station commander and the head of stock theft unit.

The station commander walked in and showed concerns that the horse was being moved out of his policing area, but we satisfied him when we told him we were his guarantee as we were staying in his policing area and weren’t planning to leave as we had jobs here. It came as a bit of a shock when he told us he knew exactly where we lived. These guys are good.

DSC_0118Ownership was not still not given to us but now at least we had the police’s permission to  move the foal. All we needed now was a permit from the veterinary department but being a Saturday their offices were closed – so we would need to wait until Monday.

With the Police’s help the permit was quickly (well as far as Botswana goes) obtained and our friend left Francistown to come get the foal.

DSC_0133She aged the foal at 3 to 4 weeks and we had had him for a week. So that was one very young baby we picked up off the side of the road. If it wasn’t Sue’s persistence and determination with the police that little stallion would have soon been dead as well. We saved him and kept him alive for a week and now he is in good hands.

We received the following SMS from the Vice Superintendent “We have saved the live of the animal, you are caring people be blessed, thanks”


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One Response to Foal Update

  1. tim@neary, says:

    Morrie, a wild critter we would have expected but this is such a super story and dammed cute. I trust tha this is all going into a book format and may we please order an advanced copy. Regards to you both

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