Letlhakane flooded

We woke on Wednesday morning to the sound of rain – not a very common happening here, but a very welcome sound.

The most rain we have had so far this rainy season has been 18mm in one go, with insufficient drainage and being so flat major puddles form all across town.

The rain kept on falling and the collection of water in our rain gauge was moving up. Then came a storm with lightening and thunder – this passed, but the rain didn’t. The rain gauge was now measuring 80mm.

Letlhakane in floodWe headed out to see what was happening in town, only to find most of it was under water, homes and shops had been flooded, drains couldn’t cope with all the water and basically Letlhakane looked like it was in a middle of a lake. Of course we had to have some fun in the water.

DSC_0053 100_2943

Letlhakane floods

The Letlhakane River which passes through the town has been described as a fossil river bed because it hasn’t flowed for so long. We know it as a dry river bed, over grown with vegetation but now it was in flood.

Lethlakane RiverSpeaking to a friend who grew up here (roughly 30 years old). He said he has never seen the river flowing and can’t remember his parents or anybody else saying that they had ever known the river to have flowed.

Letlhakane RiverI have checked the internet – but can’t find anything about it flowing. So let me put it on record that the Letlhakane River flooded on the 2nd January 2013.

In total a 100mm rained that morning.

See https://ourbots.wordpress.com/photos-2/letlhakane-floods/for more pictures.


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2 Responses to Letlhakane flooded

  1. Suki says:

    I guess this is where this saying comes – “It never rains but it pours”. We have been told that where I am at Hurn airport – we have had the most rain in the whole of the UK since records began! Thought those webs were growing. Hope some of your water soaks in and does some good!
    Take care.

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