Kasane – yet another adventure

DSC_0141With most of the tourists home after the Christmas festive season we decided to head up to Kasane mid January, for a few days with Sue’s son, Tristan and friend Jonathon in tow.

Kasane is a stunning little frontier town in the northern most reaches of Botswana and right at the border with Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Even though the town is on the stunning Chobe River, it is just out of town that the Chobe river joins the mighty Zambezi River just before it goes over the Victoria Falls. It is also the gateway to the Chobe National Park.

It is common to see Elephants and warthogs around town and our campsite, right on the banks of the Chobe River, had sign boards warning us of hippo and crocodiles.

It would seem that everything we do in Botswana has its fair share of adventure and once again this trip didn’t disappoint.

DSC_0256Our first incident was when a mommy warthog with two youngsters literally marched into camp looking for food. They weren’t even nervous of us sitting there, which obviously stems from DAM TOURISTS having fed them in the past. So whilst I was trying to feed them – mommy became a pig (excuse the pun) so I stopped giving her food – she didn’t approve and charged me and got quite nasty. The only thing I could find to protect myself was a fishing rod and fended myself off her attacks.

DSC_0668We then headed out into the Chobe National Park – game viewing was amazing and I have never seen so many elephant in 1 afternoon – much more than we had seen when we were there in the dry season. (we had been warned that we might not see any as with the rains so they move away from the river).

A young bull elephant decided that he didn’t want us there and charged at us. Even when we drove off he still pursued us, but with a bit more speed we managed to get away.

ESC_0002 (24)It seemed that the word was out amongst the animals to get us as we were charged by a hippo on our evening boat cruise and baboons destroyed our camp, breaking our tent and gazebo.

We also had the most incredible experience one evening. The sun had just set and you could feel something was going to happen, like a approaching rain storm. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

A humming sound started, which got louder and louder. Something was falling onto our tent – sounding like large rain drops – but still no clouds in the sky. Getting the light on we discovered it had started raining bugs – little black bugs.

DSC_0665They came in their thousands for about an hour – everything was just covered in them. You could hear shrieks from all around the campsite.

Even so we had a stunning 4 days in Kasane definitely a must visit when traveling Botswana.

See photo’s of our trip. https://ourbots.wordpress.com/photos-2/kasane/



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2 Responses to Kasane – yet another adventure

  1. Tim Neary says:

    you feeding the pig….fattening up i would think. Super posting sir

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