Abnormal Load

Debswana, the biggest mining group up here moved a super shovel from their Letlhakane Mine to their Orapa Mine. It was an amazing sight.


Letlhakane Mine is about 20km outside Letlhakane village and it took a week to get to us and 5 days later it reached Orapa a further 20Km on.


This huge structure was not driven, but controlled from a remote device which somebody had hanging from his neck. He walked backwards slowly as the whole thing moved towards him – which gives you an indication of how slow this thing was moving.


Moving a super shovel from the one mine to the other had a dramatic effect on Letlhakane and the whole population lined the roads to see it go past.

This massive piece of machinery took up the whole road, so the main Orapa road was DSC_0012closed, and traffic was diverted through town causing chaos.

The shovel was also to high to get under electricity and telephone lines, so these were taken down.

With no electricity we had no water pumps operating, so we didn’t have any water.

With no electricity – no internet and no computers. With networks down in town we didn’t have any ATM,s working, so we couldn’t draw money.

So our whole life was disrupted for a couple of days but what an experience


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5 Responses to Abnormal Load

  1. Tim Neary says:

    now that is a proper piece of earthmoving equipment, super to see sire and i worked for these guys at Komatsu for almost 18 years and had incredible experiences. Many thanks Tim

  2. PeteMorrie says:

    Is that when you wereup in this area?

  3. Suki says:

    Wow – being out of Africa and in the Uk at the moment – a person tends to forget the size of such machinery. Incredible to see and amazing that the simple thing of moving from one place to another caused such chaos. Here it would be risk assessed to death before it happened and probably would not have, as Health & Saftey would say the guy could not walk backwards…

  4. Nkosi Tshuma says:

    It was a phenomenal experience

  5. Mr Keoarabile says:

    Indeed it was a nice experince at Letlhakane, everyone was talking about this shovel

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