Camping on the banks of the Boteti

DSC_0044There aren’t many places in the world where you can just turn off a main road, find a clearing and set up camp. Definitely not in South Africa. But this is one thing you can do here in Botswana and we did exactly that when we went camping on the banks of the Boteti River for a weekend.

DSC_0103As mention previously in my blogs, up until 2011 the Boteti River had not flowed in 24 years. The area where we camped, the river basically forms the boundary between the Makgadikgadi National Park and the Central Kalahari. So there is a chance of seeing elephants and lion, as well as other wildlife, especially in the drier months.

One animal we did see in large quantities is cows; all sizes, shapes and colours. There is definitely not a shortage of cows in Bots. They come from the more arid Kalahari side in the mornings, quench their thirst and cross the river to the more lush grasses of the Makgadikgadi Park side. Then every evening before the lions get active they cross the river back again to get to areas where lions aren’t as prolific.


We went with good friends of ours, Pierre and Elise and it gave us a chance to try out some DSC_0041of our new camping gear that we had acquired – such as our portable shower which was a great win and going to very useful in future camping trips. But with all our gear now, it actually looks like we are moving house rather than going camping.

Throughout the weekend we had visitors of mDSC_0058any different forms. Apart from cows we had donkeys, dogs, guys on horses and other locals who seemed amazed by us white men and our set-up.

The birding was great with a variety of waterbirds, Meyer’s Parrot, vultures and a large flock of Abdim’s storks that roosted for the night in trees close to our camp. We heard fish eagle, but didn’t see them.

The weekend was very relaxed and we spent most of it on the river edge,  birding, DSC_0408watching cows and of cause quenching our thirst with a few beers. Every now and again we had to cool off in the river, hoping that there were no crocodiles.

The water also attracted an amazing number of different and stunning butterfly’s and dragonfly’s.


Another rough weekend in Botswana.

To see more photos of our weekend go to:


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3 Responses to Camping on the banks of the Boteti

  1. Suki says:

    Sounds as though a good time was had by all. That portable shower sounds just the thing! That is what I miss when camping. At an older age I am more into what is referred as “glamping” here. Glamourous-camping!

    Do the cattle have local herdsman with them?

    Here the butterflies have been very scarce so very nice to see there.

  2. PeteMorrie says:

    We had a great time very relaxing – the cattle were by themselves – amazing stuff

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