Pete’s Big 50

Happy birthday to me ....

Happy birthday to me ….

Elephants Kasane

Leaving Nata on the Kasane road the donkeys, cows and goats on the road, that have been bugging you for the last two hours are no more and you then get to stop for elephants. What a far better option.

We were heading up to one of my favourite places, Elephant Sands, for four nights to celebrate my 50th Birthday.

DSC_0326It is just so relaxing sitting on the lodge deck overlooking their waterhole where elephants come to drink with a cold lemonade (OK – cold castle beer). Now at my age that’s the good life.

As the sun began to set on our second evening we had a kudu almost run straight into our tent. This was really awesome, but even better was the pack of 18 wild dogs that was chasing it. The kudu managed to escape between the tents and the dogs moved down to the waterhole for a drink, before moving off to find some other prey.

100_2961Also on the hunt at the lodge was a massive Boomslang (Tree Snake) that scaled a massive knob thorn tree to get to the nests of the Red-billed Buffalo Weavers.

As it moved up the tree it was attacked by the squawking birds. The assault on the snake was joined by the White-browed  Sparrow Weavers and Glossy Starlings. The snake won the battle and disappeared into a nest. A short while later it would re-appear and move to the next nest, until it had visited them all.

It is a really stunning time to be in the bush; the veldt and trees are lovely and green, water holes are full and the wild flowers are in full bloom.


DSC_0096The birds are active with their nests and getting food and feeding their chicks.

We sat for ages watching a pair of Red-headed Weavers coming to and from their nest, actively feeding. One of their nests had been taken over by a Cut-throat Finch that was also busy feeding its young.

We also had a very special sighting of a Verreaux’s Owl during sundowners during a game drive.

One of the joys of camping is always the pleasure of cooking over a fire, and over the weekend we tried a number of different ways, from the conventional braai (barbeque), cast iron pots, breakfast frying pans and even toasting sandwiches.


I would like those friends and family who made it such a wonderful weekend for me. Sue thanks for everything it was very special.

To see more photo’s go to:

The sunsets on my first 50 years

The sunsets on my first 50 years


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5 Responses to Pete’s Big 50

  1. Jacqui says:

    Wow – what an amazing part of the world you live in. I really do miss the bush. Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Helen Sweitzer says:

    Sounds like the perfect Birthday celebration for you. Sorry to have missed it! Helen

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