100th Blog

As I love Stats, here we go:

  • This is our 100th Blog
  • First Blog 16th Dec 2011 (15 months back = 7 blogs a month)
  • Total views of our blog 4780 (roughly: average of 50 views per blog).
  • Most read blogs
  • Read by people in 45 different countriesUntitled 
  • Top 5 countries
    • South Africa
    • Botswana
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Australia
  • The 5 most active commenters:

    1  Suki Viljoen 17 comments

  • 2 Bridgette Flint 16 comments
    3 Rina 14 comments
  • 4 Helen Sweitzer 7 comments
  • 5 Tim Neary 7 comments

For something that started just to update friends and family how we were doing in Bots, OurBots has grown considerably.

It has been so much fun writing the blogs and sharing all our amazing experiences with you. Please keep the comments and likes coming.


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2 Responses to 100th Blog

  1. Maryann Franke says:

    Well done Pete! Keep up the posts

  2. Suki says:

    Well happy 100! keep going – they are my lifeline to Africa.
    Always wanted to see my name in print! Ta daah…I have made it.
    Keep safe you guys. 🙂

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