Amazing spots in Orapa Game Reserve

It has been a while since we last visited Orapa Game Reserve and what a day it turned out to be.

The first waterhole we got to, we were treated to two black-backed jackals in the tree line of the hole. Jackals generally live singularly or in pairs; this was our first time in Orapa Game Reserve of seeing a pair. It was a good start to our day.

Tawny Eagle at Orapa Game ReserveThis was followed by awesome sightings of a Secretary Bird and a Tawny Eagle (on the ground).

The pan was an amazing sight filled with hundreds of Zebra, Springbok and Wildebeest.

We moved from the pan to one of our favourite waterholes, even though we have never really seen too much at it. Nothing was drinking, so we decided to head off. Whilst turning the vehicle. I saw something in the trees straight ahead of us, it took a split second to grasp what it was.

Leopard at Orapa Game ReserveThere in front of us was a leopard about 10m off, just standing and looking at us. I grabbed for the camera and apart from it being on the wrong setting and the car not positioned well for photography I clicked away, expecting it to run at any moment and I needed proof.

It stood looking at us for a few minutes and then lay down, but with its head still up. We shifted the car and put the camera on the correct setting. The leopard sat up and looked at us for a further few minutes before disappearing into some thick bush.

Lunch at Orapa Game ReserveWe were still on a high when we reached a picnic site to enjoy another one of our pleasure. A bitterly chilly bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (dry white wine) and prawns. Another rough day in Africa.

Orapa Game Reserve is such a wonderful place and so close to us. We feel privileged to be able to visit such an amazing spot with excellent conservation practices. See more pics from our day at:

European Roller

European Roller


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4 Responses to Amazing spots in Orapa Game Reserve

  1. Suki says:

    Bliss – wonderful sightings – drooling over wine & prawns…. Here I sit in smattering of snow – minus 1 & wind nearly 30 mph…..

  2. PeteMorrie says:

    Know you know why we live in Africa and not the UK

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  4. Suki says:

    Reread today 15-06-16 – thinking I could SO SO SO do with one of those days there right now …

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