Getting water with difficulties

The local government water supply hasn’t improved since my last blog, if anything got worse. We have now put in a tank and pressure pump to sort out our needs. However once again it hasn’t gone smoothly.

100_2969 On Wednesday we had a plumber connect up our tank and pressure pump onto the houses water supply. He finished late, but with water dripping into the tank we were confident that by morning we would have a tank of water and we would be able to shower.

Morning came and we did have, well almost, a tank of water, but one of the connectors was leaking badly and we were loosing water. I put on the pressure pump and Sue jumped into the shower. As our geyser has been turned off most of the last 5 weeks since the start of the water problems she had to settle for a cold shower – but it was a shower, however disappointed as we had such high expectations. I was going to wait for later in the day when we had hot water.

The plumber fixed the leaking joint, but then the pressure pump was not maintaining any pressure, so we had another problem. We spent ages changing the settings, but no luck. On advise from the people we bought the pump from, we needed a non-return valve on the inlet to the pump which the plumber didn’t know about.

Finding one in Letlhakane was not easy, but once inserted into the water line the pump worked perfectly.

The geyser was switched on and armed with my towel, shampoo and soap I waited patiently for the water to get hot. It didn’t – so I got dressed and got the plumber back. Both our element and thermostat in the geyser had blown.

With the geyser repaired, fulled and turned on. I once again got ready to shower. I turned on the tap, water came out, with pressure, and it was hot. I can’t remember how long ago we had all three.

My joy was short lived when the water started to disappear and was being replaced with air. With my head full of shampoo I turned off the tapes and ran to the tank, which was now empty. So there was another problem.

I discovered that our old tap, that was included in the system, was not working and all our water was being pumped back down the main government supply pipe back into Letlhakane. No wonder our neighbours were so happy, singing and dancing. They suddenly had pressured water – albeit from us.

Now that's how a tap should work

Now that’s how a tap should work

So back came the plumber, with a new tap. The only problem was, the government water supply, which we need to fill our tank, was almost non-existent. At one drop every 5 sec we were going to battle to get the tank filled.

The water supply did improve a bit during the night and by this morning we had a quarter of a tank of water.

Standing under the shower was amazing. The pressure was better than we have ever known it, water came out of all the shower head jets and it was hot. I think lots of people are going to be very relieved that I had a shower.


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2 Responses to Getting water with difficulties

  1. Suki says:

    Congrats on the showers – what a long wait. You could probably take up plumbing as a side line! I am sure that you both enjoyed the water! Cheers to clean bodies, water for animals and the garden.

  2. LOVELY blog….it’s the small things in life eh –oh joy J


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