1st Annivesary

Yesterday marked a year since my father passed away, but as I remember him for all the great things he did for me and the time we spent together and preferably not for the time of his death, I do still miss him a lot.

To mark the day we went to Orapa game reserve after work; sat on the edge of the pan and enjoyed a few drinks. The reserve was so quiet, out on the grasslands springbok were grazing and pronking in fun, Secretary Birds were in search of prey and wildebeest were being, well, wildebeest. As the sun began slowly to set a herd of eland ventured tentatively out of the thick bush onto the pan.


It was a lovely setting for the occasion and I scattered the portion his ashes that I had kept in this reserve that is a special place for us and one that my father would have loved.


We then headed home to watch the cricket, his one true love.



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4 Responses to 1st Annivesary

  1. Anonymous says:

    nicely said sire

  2. tim Neary says:

    nicely said sire

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pete & Sue, just want to say, it’s good to remember all the good things and times. Miss you lots .
    Luv Maggie

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