Veggie Garden gets transformed again:

My vegetable garden that was doing rather well, came to an abrupt end when we housed the baby horse, that we saved, in it. It then became a plant nursery as I am building up stock for when we get a place of our own.

It is now an aviary for our little Lark that we rescued – it is doing very well, the bird that is. It’s once damaged leg has mended well and it is sprinting around its enclosure, also now flying a few feet at a time.

An Aviary without a fence:

Red-Finches taking a bath

Red-Finches taking a bath

Now, without any rain for a couple of months, the bush is drying quickly and there is minimal surface water, so hence we have plenty of birds coming to our pond and to the food I put out.

Sue and I sit with our binoculars and watch them from our dining room. The most common are the sparrows and doves. But we do have a lot of red-headed finches and waxbills as well. The variety is incredible and lovely to see. Our garden is soon to be classed as a birding hotspot of Botswana.

No Internet for a week:

Well if you have been wondering why there have been no blogs for awhile, it’s because of a big truck driving down our road (how it fitted I don’t know) took our telephone /ADSL line with it.

It then took a week for our telecommunication company to come and replace it. We had internet again for a day before the whole of Letlhakane went off line.

Cat doing well:

The kitten we found on the side of the main road is doing well even though I hit it with the car. Damm it survived – I guess this thing people say about a cat has nine lives works.

It is actually rather sweet and amusing to watch as it runs, explores and pounces on everything.

We have called it Timela, which means lost or abandoned in Setswana, the local language here. But for short it is still called “kitty”

I don't like cats - how things have changed

“I don’t like cats” – how things have changed

Winter is coming:

One can already feel that the seasons are changing here and we have already dropped under 20C, which means jerseys have been found dusted off and worn.

It is very dry here and the dust is incredible, you can clean a house in the morning and by that evening it is covered in dust again.



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5 Responses to Snippets

  1. Suki says:

    I think my biggest chuckle is the fact that the little cat has crept in and made itself at home in the home and in your hearts. Clever Kitty!

    Do you make those lard balls for the birds. Mix up left over solidified fat/lard into balls with seed and gives birds a good winter boost. Keep high or any manner of wildlife want some. 🙂

    Just imagine the fun you will have when you get your own place. Can have a rescue mission ….

    Next smile at your temps dropping! We have been at no more than 7 degrees for 6 months! 7 was considered a heat wave! We only made 21 for one day last summer.

    Glad internet communicatios resumed.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. pauline says:

    Hey Pete – always love getting your news, don’t always leave a reply/comment but yes look forward to all your news… you doing a great job !!!

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