Discovering new areas on Lake Xau

It has been about 6 months since we last visited Lake Xau, See and as it is such an exciting eco-system we decided to go and see what was happening there now.

Getting there is always a dusty adventure. The lake covers an enormous area and hence there are many routes that you can take, some better than others. We were aiming for a stunning place we had found on our last trip.

carThe approach is incredible as you drive through basically desert for miles and miles, with sand that is just like powder and soon the dust gets everywhere. Car tracks go in all directions and often you follow one to somebodies home or they just disappear into a “cul de sac”. So you need to just keep trying.

Ground squirrels can been seen all over, up on their haunches surveying the surrounds before dashing off or down their holes.

DSC_0029There is of cause plenty of cows and donkeys, but also a surprising amount of horses. Just see what direction they are heading – and you know where to find the Lake.

Almost without notice as you turn a corner a massive expanse of water appears before you like an oasis with reeds, green trees and amazing bird life.

Not having had water for 24 years it is incredible to see how this wetland has come back in the last 2 years and how the water birds have returned as well. We were fortunate to see two large flocks of pelicans, pied kingfishers and a fish eagle amongst numerous other ducks, herons and stilts.


All the people living in this area under the age of 30 would not have ever seen water here, and there are still signs of roads that just disappearing into water and cattle fence poles sticking out of the water. The people now fish the lake with long nets and are catching some fair sized bream.

We never did find the spot we remembered, even though we must have been close at some stage, but we did get to see other amazing places.

Lake Xau


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2 Responses to Discovering new areas on Lake Xau

  1. Anonymous says:

    if possible please let lake xau get water every year so that it does not dry , the lake gives life to every living soul and people ar kedia village where lake xau is, can benefit more especially on tourism

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