Football Match:

Staff of Sue’s company have started a football team and we went along to watch them play their first match. The school field they played on didn’t have a blade of grass just sand a few thorn bushes – players even had to stop to remove thorns from their boots.

Our team arrived with no kit and kicked the ball too each other to warm up – their opposition had smart red kit and they went through a lengthy organized warm-up routine.

An hour late the game started and it was not long into the game that we were unlucky to concede a goal, but we struck back 10 minutes into the game with a magnificent goal. It was at about this stage where our team’s lack of fitness started to show and replacements were brought on – I think we made about 15 substitutions during the game. Even though I do not know much about football I was pretty sure this wasn’t allowed, but if the ref doesn’t query it – hey it works. If you had boots you played.

Rules were loosely obeyed and with no lines there was often a heated debate if the ball was out or not. Off sides was not really monitored as well.

The one goal was a great success for our boys and we were very proud of them. Unfortunately the other team, which were fit well organised and had only made 1 substitution all game, got 6 goals.

Bat Hawk in our garden:

For those of you who are keen on birding you will appreciate our excitement when we had a Bat Hawk in our garden as they are rarely seen and classed as “near threatened”.

Gabar GoshawkUnfortunately we didn’t get any pictures, but we did get pics of this juvenile Gabar Goshawk, which has been visiting us a lot trying to catch the birds feeding on the bird seed and drinking from our pond.

I was busy working when I heard a crash at our burglar guards. It was a sparrow and the goshawk who hit at the same time – the sparrow came in and the goshawk looked up at me, sitting about a meter away and decided to fly off.

DSC_0515The bird life in our garden has been diverse and plentiful and we have been treated to some lovely birds, as above, but also such birds as these Little Bee-eaters. As winter approaches and water and food gets less and less so the numbers of birds increases

Mother’s Day:

DSC_0562DSC_0568Sue got spoilt this mother’s day as her son, Tristan, organized her a champagne breakfast in Orapa Game Reserve.

After a lovely morning she relaxed on the couch and watched the cricket all afternoon.

Mine Function:

Owing to the mine where Sue works being owned by a Canadian company, they had a visit from the Canadian Governor General, David Johnston. A nice function was held for him at the mine to which we were invited along with a number of chiefs, MP’s and Councillors from the area.

It was very pleasing to hear how much the community development work, that is being done by the mine, was appreciated by the local community.


Watching an exciting cricket game on TV and bam – darkness – another load shedding.

Just in case you are not aware of what load shedding is – basically when reserves of electricity is dwindling owing to demand, the electricity department cuts the supply until reserves build-up again. Here this could be for an hour or more, up to 4 hours in one case and at any time of the day, but normally when people start cooking, turning on lights or watching a cricket match.

These have become rather regular over the past couple of months and what makes it more frustrating, is that we can see that lights of Orapa Town in the distance are on (they have their own sub-station). I just know that my friend Howard, who lives there, is getting to watch the cricket.

So the time came quickly to invest in a generator, just a small one, just to keep the TV working and the bar fridge cold.


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3 Responses to Snippets

  1. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    At least you have your priorities right re the generator!

  2. Suki says:

    I am sure that the match was better than the ones played here in the UK where the players have become primadonnas and fall down and die at the smallest bump! They would loose it with no grass and thorns 🙂

    With my companys engineers travelling more and more to Africa, I spend time talking in the briefings about load shedding. They look at me in amazement, yet I get these furious calls telling me I was right. No s,,,, Sherlock is my response. Enjoy your genny.

  3. Howard says:

    You Guy’s are so kind to load shed so that we are not inconvenienced, really appreciate your cooperation Pete and Sue.

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