Almost another one

A couple of days at a bush camp on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, nearly ended with another new addition to our family.

Taking a walk to a view point overlooking the pans was the last thing we were going to do before heading home. The viewpoint had been cleared and a dustbin placed there for litter.

However, it was not litter that we found in the bin, but a goat kid that was probably less than 24 hours old. It still had part of its umbilical cord attached to it.


The poor thing was thirsty, bleating and looking all over for a nipple to suck on. We ran back to the camp with it and found some milk. Thank goodness one of our friends with a baby was there, so we “borrowed” a bottle from her. Once it got used to the teat it drank like crazy.


Ok, so now we had a baby goat that was full and jumping around the place and oh so cute. Sue had also already given it a name, big trouble. So now what.

Taking it home was not a good idea. Firstly stock theft is a major crime in Bots and already the camp staff had seen us with the baby.

Secondly there was a vet fence we had to get through to get home.

DSC_0335Thank goodness the word spread around the area quickly and culprit, plus the brother of the owner appeared.

The culprit said he had found the baby and put it in the bin to protect it from Jackals, whilst he went to find the owner and the brother of the owner, said he would return the baby to its mother.

We had no option but to accept their stories and hand other the little kid.


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