Not this time

On Monday morning I was sitting working at our dining room table, I looked up and there was a man walking past.

I asked him if I could help him, he carried on walking. I asked again – he got a fright and said “who you boss” – turned and headed for the gate.

By the time I got out our front door the guy was closing the gate and now there were two of them. I shouted that they must stop, they just walked off. I followed them on foot down the road and down a side alley, before loosing them.

I came home, got my phone and a car. Called the police and searched the area, but no sign of them.

I took the police to where I had lost them and they tracked the footprints, on foot. After some distance a cop and I went to get our vehicles. When we caught up again we found the cops had caught the two guys, but one broke free and ran.

With one cop on foot, the police vehicle and our car in pursuit. The baddie ducked down alleys and paths – the two cars trying to judge his movement and cut him off.

The local community gave us support by telling us which way they went. At one point I caught up with the cop on foot who was now exhausted and holding a rock in each hand, saying that the guy was now throwing stones at him.

I went passed and tried to get behind the guy, but he was already crossing the road and into some bush. I went down the next road and the guy emerged. When he saw me he ran again – behind the car and into more bush.

I went and picked up the cop I had passed and we went down to the main Orapa Rd where we found that the other cop vehicle had caught the guy.

These two are behind bars, but there is nothing linking them to our robbery of the other night.


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5 Responses to Not this time

  1. Suki says:

    Aah – turning detective – sounds like an escapade – maybe they will think twice about freebies at your joint! The story will get around that you are alert. Here’s trusting this is the end.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You never thought you would be playing “cops and robbers” in paradise! Well done.
    Similar message went out when we stopped taking this kind of nonsense when Heleni had break-ins into her nursery and roadside stall. The message went out load and clear that someone was sleeping in the shop – armed; we phoned the “help line” that Jacob Zuma’s office made available with amazing results! The police raided nearby squatter camps regularly, patrolled the area near the shop in a very visible way day and night. An alarm system was installed as an after-thought but has never been triggered since installation. I think our attitude towards the scare sends out vibes that we are not intimidated at all. It is not a pleasant experience to be robbed and privacy invaded, but it can happen anywhere in the world. (Have a Dutch detective friend working in Amsterdam and the things that happen there is just as hair raising – even more so because one thinks it is supposed to be civilised……)

  3. Anonymous says:

    My Word ! Who ever thought you would be playing “cops and robbers” in Paradise? Well done.

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