Minopex Golf Day

Orapa Golf courseMinopex, the company that Sue works for, sponsored a golf day at Orapa Golf course, about 20 km from Letlhakane.

For some readers of this, from experience, I am very sure you are very glad to hear that I didn’t play and make a fool out of myself. However there were some “golfers” out there on the course that I might just have been a bit of competition too – ok, maybe not.

Orapa Golf courseSue handled the registration desk, handing out shirts, balls, etc and I was given the job as photographer.

A total of 55 golfers made up the field for the day. There was a tournament for kids, who played over 9 holes, whilst the adults played the full 18 holes. The temperature was rising and it was going to be a long hot day on the course.

Orapa Golf courseThe kids varied in age from the tiny, that could just manage to hold a club, up to some of the boys and girls at about 13/14 years old.

Taking photo’s of the kids teeing off, I suddenly realized that my job wasn’t going to easy and I was in great danger of been hit by a ball.

The one kid teed off and I heard the branches in the tree crunching above me. Another ball probably missed me Orapa golfby a couple of meters. The picture to the left shows the direction (black dotted arrow) the guy wanted to the ball, and the red arrow showing which way the ball actually went – not missing me by far.

I got more worried when the organizer told me that some of the adults, hit the ball just as badly but a lot harder.

One thing is for sure – what the adults did do better at, was swearing.

We also managed to organize Tristan, Sue’s son, a set of golf clubs so he could play his first round of golf in Botswana, and by the expression on his face and his mood at times when we did get to see him, I am sure he had been part of the swearers. He did finish up with a reasonable score in the end though.

Orapa Golf course After registration was done, Sue and I walked down to the watering hole, where every golfer was made to have a shooter. It was hot out there and some golfers almost got into Orapa Golf coursethe ice drum for the drinks.

It was great to see warthogs all over the course, something I am sure the green-keeper isn’t as happy about.

For some of the golfers it was a    l o n n n g    hot day out there and some of the “before and after” photo’s showed it. But nothing a cold beer couldn’t sort out and everybody was in good spirit for the prize giving and dinner.

It had been a fun day, that was really appreciated by the local golfers, and some that thought they are golfers. Well done Minopex


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3 Responses to Minopex Golf Day

  1. Tim Neary says:

    This brings back serious memories mr Morrie of you trying to get me to play a charity game……I was pay, I think, to sit it out after the second hole

  2. Suki says:

    Love the warthogs on the course!

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