Elephants close-up

Elephant SandsWell you really don’t want to get much closer.

We needed a good dose of elephants and there is no better place to go to get it than Elephant Sands, just north of Nata.

During the rainy season and well into winter, most of the elephants move off from Elephant Sands as there is water all over the place. But as these pools dry up so the elephants move back to this, the only source of water for miles. The elephants were back.

We set up camp in our favourite spot, closest to the waterhole, but the tree that offered some shade had been knocked over by an elephant. In fact most trees had been knocked over.

Elephant SandsThere was however one green tree – right next to our camp. A number of elephants came from the water to feed off the tree, which gave us some – well lets say – interesting moments.

One elephant got a bit annoyed of my presence just the over side of the tree and came round it. Sue dashed behind our car and Tristan flew out his chair and headed towards the car. The elephant was obviously happy with our retreat and moved off. Tristan claimed he was just getting himself another drink.

Elephant SandsLater that day as I was cooking dinner and had my back towards the waterhole, I saw Sue dash off again, I turned round only to find 3 elephants coming up to the tree and they were already less than 10m away. These three were much more relaxed, so I just carried on cooking the prawns, but obviously kept a close watch on them.

During the night as we lay in our tent we could hear the elephants breaking branches close Elephant Sandsby and there tracks told the story in morning.

It was another wonderful weekend and at times there were 20-30 elephants drinking at one time. So we definitely got a healthy dose of elephant.

See more photo’s of our weekend: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/photos-2013/elephant-sands/



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7 Responses to Elephants close-up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Recently went there (on your Blog recommendation) and this is a truly amazing place. Thoroughly enjoyed our close encounters with the Elllies. Maryann

  2. ctroop says:

    Awesome! Nothing like a good elephant encounter when you’re cooking prawns.

  3. Suki says:

    Great share thank you. Glad you enjoyed your Ellie experiences. Just been to Kruger in July, entering through Malelane and the trees have taken a hammering. Birds etc that normally nest in trees have started nesting on the ground coming in with a new set of problems. So hope those there close to you leave something standing!

  4. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Very naas Pieter! What a tough life you have! Luv B x

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow, so close. must have been quite an adrenalin rush!

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