A taste of things to come

With the thoughts of jerseys and tracksuits still fresh in our minds summer suddenly appeared and reminded us what was to come.

Spring day, the 1st September was actually a freezing day here – well for us anyway. That was merely two weeks back and on Sunday our thermometer read 39.9C (104F). Yesterday we broke the 40 mark with a max of 40.9C or 106F. A couple more degrees up and then I will feel comfortable again 🙂

This morning it was 25C (77F) when I got up at 5, which, apparently, is the maximum for Rome today.

November is notoriously the worst month with high temperatures and no cooling agents, such as wind and rain. With temperatures like this already I think we are in for some hot months ahead.


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2 Responses to A taste of things to come

  1. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:


  2. Suki says:

    Sjoe – as we move to our winter and you to your summer – we wish you a good summer with many happy memories.

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