In the African Bush: Part 4

After surviving our first night in the African bush it was now time to go exploring the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

We had heard so much about Sunday’s Pan from all that have been to the reserve, so this was going to be our first place to go to. There is a waterhole at the pan and as there is no other water for miles and miles this seemed the best place to go to see animals.

Setting out, I was a little nervous as friends of ours never found the pan after searching and searching. A short distance out of camp there was a sign board saying Leopard’s Pan, a spot where you had to turn to get to Sunday’s Pan – surely this wasn’t going to be that difficult.

The trip took us across Deception Pan for a short distance, here honey badgers were in search of food. Their presence given away by short bursts of a dust cloud as they dug into the ground. Springboks grazed on what ever they could find in this barren environment.

Jackal Central Kalahari Game ReserveA small pan further on offered us our first nice view of the magnificent Gemsbuck, with two crossing the pan in search of shade as it was already getting towards 40 C.

A Jackal lying under a tree just off the road, stood up, watched us for a while before running off.

The road then goes into a woodland and it was along here that we saw footprints of a lion on the road. It was moving in the same direction we were traveling and relatively fresh. We got to a point were it had laid down and it had urinated, which hadn’t been absorbed by the ground yet.

We couldn’t see where the tracks went from here and I wasn’t going to get out to look either. Tristan quickly closed his window, saying he was cold – yeah right. We searched the thick bush with no luck – he must have been close, but Gemsbuck Central Kalahari Game Reserveunfortunately out of sight.

Another sign board, this time saying Sunday’s Pan – left, this didn’t seem that difficult to find.

The last few kilometers to Sunday’s Pan we had lovely sightings of Springbok, Gemsbuck and honey badger .

Lions Central Kalahari Game ReserveLying not far from the waterhole itself, Sue spotted our first lion of the trip. It was lioness doing what lions do best – sleeping. As they sleep for about 90% of their lives this was no surprise to us.

Even when we backed away so we could get drinks from the back of the car she didn’t even look-up.

Some Gemsbuck and Kudu were wanting to drink, but very nervous of the lioness. They edged forward to the water snorting their alarm calls, backed away and then approached again, one finally drank. The lioness didn’t even open an eye.

Lions Central Kalahari Game ReserveIt was time for breakfast, which was, by the time we got back to camp, more like lunch. En-route back to camp we starting hearing a clunking noise on the roof. There had to be something wrong with the new roof rack.

It turned out to be 3 connectors to the car itself that had come loose and our rack was being held on by one connector only. All the bouncing of the car and the extra weight had payed its toll.

The connectors had a plastic cover which locks onto it preventing anybody from stealing your roof rack. The key to the covers was at home.

The covers were easy broken with a screw driver and we managed to get the roof rack off and we kept it off during our stay, but we still had to get it home.

100_3074The temperature was climbing and must have been mid forties or higher, so after a wonderful brunch I decided to try out the bucket shower.

I was hot, dusty and sweaty after working on the roof rack so it turned out to be one of the best showers I have ever had.

I felt totally revitalized and ready to head out again for our next adventure…


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3 Responses to In the African Bush: Part 4

  1. Suki says:

    A lovely sighting of animals. Super pictures. They all seemed remarkably relaxed. With that heat you must have consumed a lot of liquid.

  2. PeteMorrie says:

    I normally get my water from beer, but out there even I drank liters of water to stop dehydrating

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